Book Three Complete!

Book Three is officially done! The third installment in our Lucy Snigglefritz series will be released on August 31, 2018 in the Kindle shop. Here’s what it’s about:

It’s sink or swim, Lucy! In her third adventure, Lucy Snigglefritz arrives in Newfoundland, Canada, where she meets Captain, a Newfoundland Lifeguard Dog. Captain teaches Lucy all about why his breed works so well in dangerous water. When a storm blows in, Lucy gets to watch Captain’s incredible swimming abilities up close. But as the weather worsens, it will be up to Lucy to find a way to get everyone back to shore safely. Is Lucy up to the task? Find out in her most action-packed story yet!

Check out our Instagram feed for sneak peeks of the pages leading up to the release date. We tried a slightly different painting technique, and omitted the black outlines around everything. This gives it a looser and more lively feel. We hope you like it!