Patrick Milne
Author – Lucy Snigglefritz

Patrick is cute and courageous like Lucy, though just as lost, curious like a kitten, thinks Buzz Lightyear is way cooler than Woody, and still believes in Santa Claus no matter what his four older siblings tell him.

Author – Matilda Mibblebury

Other than when he appears at his publisher’s office with a copy of Matilda Mibblebury’s next adventure tucked tightly under his arm, few have had a chance to meet D. Joseph in person. Little is known about him, except that he particularly enjoys sweets of all shapes and sizes (specifically, chocolate), and he is devoted to the fluid, graceful sport of rowing. He spends most of his time in a small hamlet in northern England, but prefers the quiet of anonymity to the calamity of the public eye.

Stephanie Faye

After working in the commercial animation industry for several years, Stephanie now enjoys freelancing as a graphic designer with her company A Brand Apart.

She also has her own stationery line called Giveable Greetings – widely known for the popular ‘Come In We’re Awesome’©™ sign – and a letterpress paper goods and lifestyle company called F As In Frank Paper Goods Co. with her sister and brother-in-law.

She is particularly inspired by anything and everything ’80s, and has been known to obsess over TV dramas and music that nobody else seems to know of or like.