Lucy Snigglefritz: Book 4 – Now Complete

We’re happy to announce that the fourth book in our Lucy Snigglefritz series is now complete!

The latest leg of her journey finds Lucy in a derelict part of town. Terrified by an encounter with what seems like a monster, Lucy runs to safety, here she meets two local dogs, George and Abe. They warn her that the monster who scared Lucy is a pit bull named Paralyzer, and beg Lucy to join their motley gang in an effort to oust Paralyzer from their neighbourhood forever.

Lucy is torn between the immediate need to help her new friends and a memory from her past that suggests George and Abe might be all wrong in their assumptions about the mysterious Paralyzer…

An exploration of prejudice, tolerance, and understanding, Lucy’s fourth adventure proves to be her most important one yet.

We’re working on setting up our site to allow for digital downloads, as we’re no longer offering our books for sale on Amazon. The entire series should be available soon. If you’d like to purchase a paperback copy, please feel free to contact us.