Book 3 In Development!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved into one of the final phases of Lucy Snigglefritz Book 3! Here’s a quick look at our process so you get a feel for what’s involved from concept to final product.

After the manuscript has been finalized, we move on to plotting out the illustration for each page by creating thumbnails of the entire book. This lets us plan the composition and layout of every image and make sure that the flow works well from one page to the next. It also acts as a visual map for the book as a whole which is helpful when we move to the next stage.

Once all the thumbnails are finalized, we transition each of those little scribbles to a full page and redraw it in good, making sure to push the poses and expressions of all the characters.

We then go back to those thumbnails and add our planned colour over each to ensure there’s consistency in the palette before moving on and painting each page. In this installment, we’re trying out a few new paint techniques to give the pages a bit of a more ‘painterly’ vibe. One of our favourite books – Herobear & the Kid – has so much personality because you can see the construction lines under the final images. We felt that when we went from the sketch stage to clean-up to colour in our past books, a lot of our pages lost a little bit in that transition from loose to rigid, so we’re keeping it a bit lighter this time around.

We’re excited to unveil it all to you in the coming months, with a penciled-in ETA of Summer, 2018. Check out our Instagram where we share some peeks of new characters, works in progress, and full illustrations.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog!