The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book 2


Lucy Snigglefritz received her first taste of fame by mounting a heroic rescue. But does she have what it takes to become a real star?

To find out, she’ll have to face down a reigning show dog champion, Polly Poodle, on the quest for her seventh straight title.

It’s gonna be a best-in-showdown!

“The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz” is an ongoing picture book series that follows former circus star, Lucy Snigglefritz, on her journey around the world to meet working dogs and find out what makes certain breeds of dogs suited to certain jobs. Along the way, Lucy gains the confidence and self-belief she needs to thrive in a strange new world.

Uplifting, funny, and educational, The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz is a perfect picture book reader for ages 4-7, and for dog lovers ages 1-100.


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