Fayemous Books is an independent publishing company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Created by a brother and sister, Fayemous Books aims to create entertaining and visually-inspiring books for kids and adults alike. Their first endeavor - 'The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book One' focuses on a dog named Lucy who has recently been cast out on her own into a big, unknown world.

UPDATE: Book 2 is DONE

It's been a long time coming, but Book 2 is finally complete. It is being printed as we speak, and should be ready by the end of May. We'll be releasing a new book trailer as well as an e-book and paperback copy.
All the details will be posted soon. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us for the last few years, waiting patiently for the next installment in Lucy's adventure.

UPDATE: Book 2

We're nearing completion on the long-overdue sequel to Lucy's first adventure, and though we don't have a confirmed release date as yet, we're happy to say that Lucy will make her grand reappearance soon.

We also have the story idea and rough outline for Book 3 all ready to go to sketch phase. We can't release too much information, but let's just say Lucy travels to the east coast of Canada!

While we'd love to be able to show you the final Book 2 today, we hope this new snippet will suffice for now. Who are these new characters? You'll find out soon enough! Click the image for a larger view.

Another sketch from Book 2!

A small update on Book 2 - Lucy's getting the star treatment. ...Or is she?

SNEAK PEEK: Lucy Book 2!

Sketches are pouring in for Lucy Book 2. Click on the image to the left to see what page 1 looks like, before cleanup and colour.

Meet Matilda!

Fayemous Books is exceptionally proud to present

Matilda Mibblebury in: A Vanishing Act
Book One of the Whingewyth Chronicles.

This chapter book is over 200 pages with one illustration per chapter, and is great for the young reader, or for adults to read to their kids at bedtime.

You can find out more info here, on Matilda's very own site!

Lucy Ebook Now Available!

For those wanting to view Lucy on their Kindle or new Ipad, we're pleased to announce that Booke One is availble for purchase at Amazon.com. It can also be viewed on any computer using the Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac application.

Offered now for a limited time at $0.99! If you would like to write a review for the site, please contact us for a complimentary copy.
Lucy Ebook

Lucy Ebook On Its Way!

Fayemous Books has been working hard to format our little Lucy into e-ink. Book One will be available in the Amazon Marketplace and in our online store soon. We will post once it has completed the publishing and review process.

Lucy Snigglefritz Book Trailer Released!

A trailer for Book 1 has been released on youtube. You can find it in the 'Book Preview' link, or you can click here to view it on youtube.com

The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book One is now available!

Book One in the Lucy Snigglefritz series has now been released. It introduces readers to the main character Lucy, star attraction at Amazing Avido’s Circus. Click on ‘Our Books’ above for more information.
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