The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book One

Lucy Snigglefritz, world-famous circus dog, is the star attraction of Amazing Avido's Circus. But when ticket sales begin to fall, Lucy is left behind by the circus to fend for herself.

On her own for the first time, Lucy sets out on a new adventure.

What can a circus dog do without a circus?

Maybe Sooty, a Dalmatian at the local firehall, will have the answer...

The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz: Book Two

Lucy enters the 'Best in Show' contest, but soon finds out her competition is 'fierce'!

The second in our series, Book Two is a more lighthearted, comical installment that introduces Lucy to new dog breeds, new adventures and a certain 'mean girl', Polly the Poodle.

Book 2 is currently in pring with a projected release date at the end of May, 2017.

Matidlda Mibblebury in: A Vanishing Act
Book One of the Whingewyth Chronicles

In the tiny English town of Whingewyth, elderly Esmeralda Fortescue has disappeared without a trace from her stately manor house. Even after months of searching, the mystery continues to baffle the local police inspector. But when Esmeralda’s precocious, 10-year-old granddaughter, Matilda, arrives in town, it doesn’t take long before she senses that something strange may be afoot: the twisty corridors of the manor house, dense forest and shifty townsfolk are filled to bursting with secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Along the way, Matilda will come face-to-face with a series of sinister spinsters, peculiar puzzles and a sarcastic dolly knapsack that will test the limits of our little heroine’s abilities.

With a colorful cast of characters and a generous dose of magic, Matilda’s first adventure will keep you enthralled and enchanted until the very end!

The first in our new series, with Book 2 in preproduction. This page-turner highlights D.Joseph's ability to enteretain, enthrall and keep you entraptured.