Patrick Milne

Patrick is cute and courageous like Lucy, though just as lost, curious like a kitten, thinks Buzz Lightyear is way cooler than Woody, and still believes in Santa Claus no matter what his four older siblings tell him.

Stephanie Faye

After completing a four-year degree in Psychology and Criminology, Stephanie decided to forego the C.S.I. life for the more creative world of 2-D animation. She moved to Vancouver where she immersed herself in a two-year animation program at Capilano College, and was employed in the commercial animation industry for several years before realizing that she preferred to work with images that didn't move.

Though she still finds enjoyment in cartoon design, she has recently begun pursuing graphic design and branding, and is eager to continue working on children's books. She has also started her own stationery line called Giveable Greetings, which you can view here.

She is particularly inspired by anything and everything '80s, and has been known to obsess over TV dramas and music that nobody else seems to know of or like.